Research Strength

Our initiative covers a broad inter-disciplinary research disciplines including decarbonised construction materials and engineering to sustainable structures and cities based on the principles of circular economy and net-zero emission stategy. 

  • Integrated sustainability assessment, environmental input-output analysis, and greenhouse gas accounting

  • Circular economy, resource recovery and waste utilisation

  • Innovative decarbonised hybrid structural systems e.g. insulating sandwich panels, timber, steel, and concrete composites

  • Carbon mineralisation and utilisation in concrete 

  • Zero- and Low-carbon concrete (geopolymer, foamed concrete, hempcrete)

  • Low-carbon asphalt and bitumen

  • Scan-to-BIM and Digital Twins of construction and infrastructure

  • Sustainable construction techniques (modular and 3D printing)

  • Smart sensing for green construction applications

  • Sustainable and resilient underground structures and energy resources

  • Modelling and optimisation of energy geo-structures, shallow geothermal systems, urban subsurface and urban groundwater

  • Short and long-term behaviour and large-scale testing of decarbonised structures

  • Multidisciplinary characterisation of decarbonised construction materials

  • Environment and water engineering

  • Green and smart transportation