Centre managment

Executive Committee

The UNSW Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety is managed by an Executive Committee comprising of the CIES Director, Research Director, two Deputy Directors and the Centre Manager. The committee met on a regular basis to discuss strategy, performance and research opportunities. In addition, input to CIES management is provided by the CIES Academic Group.

Director Professor Chongmin Song
Research Director Professor Mark Bradford
Deputy Director Professor Nasser Khalili
Centre Management Grace Zhu

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets throughout the year to oversee and monitor the progress of the Centre and to assist the Director in developing strategies to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Centre are realised. The membership of the Management Board for the Centre is:

Industry Advisory Committee

The CIES is supported by an Industry Advisory Committee comprising of 15 members from industry and government organisations. The committee meet regularly with CIES academics to promote the engagement of CIES with Industry.