UNSW partners with Rio Tinto Iron Ore to innovate water management solutions for its mining operations

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is collaborating with Rio Tinto Iron Ore to co-develop innovative approaches to water management in iron ore mining operations in the Pilbara region. Drawing upon complementary expertise, this project is led by Dr Ali Kashani and Professor Stephen Foster at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Professor Ismet Canbulat at the School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering. This project will focus on developing sustainable and equitable water management strategies for iron ore mining operations in Pilbara, a critical step toward ensuring the preservation of natural resources and fostering environmental stewardship.

This collaborative effort brings together a team of UNSW experts from diverse disciplines including the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety (CIES):  Associate Professor Ailar Hajimohammadi and Dr Taehwan Kim; Water Research Laboratory (WRL): Professor Denis O'Carroll, Mr Daniel Gilbert, and Mr Brett Miller; and School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering (MERE): Professor Christoph Arns and Dr Igor Shikhov and Rio Tinto specialists and project sponsors, Matt Goode, Paul Hedley, and Shane Trott. This multi-disciplinary approach aims to revolutionise the way water resources are managed in the mining industry, emphasizing both environmental sustainability and social equity.

This new Rio Tinto Iron Ore-UNSW collaboration marks a significant step toward improved resource and water management and underscores the University's commitment to cutting-edge research whilst addressing complex real-world applications. 


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