Better than 100% efficiency!

Professor Chongmin SongCIES Director Professor Chongmin Song and his team of researchers Junqi Zhang, Ankit Ankit, Sascha Eisenstrager, and Hauke Gravenkamp (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany) have created a super-efficient mesh solver for high-performance computing, with amazing results gained using the supercomputer Gadi at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), Australia’s leading high-performance data, storage and computing organisation, located at ANU in Canberra

NCI have reported the work of the CIES team as one of their research highlights. According to the NCI, “in an unexpected and remarkable result, the computational method the UNSW team has developed actually achieves better than 100% efficiency.”

As NCI noted, the CIES research team also managed to achieve incredible scalability in their code.  “There is a big potential,” Song says, “for future real world applications in earthquakes, crash simulations, construction, advanced manufacturing, and much more.” 

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