CIES vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading internationally recognised research centre in the region, for investigating, understanding and predicting the safety and behaviour of engineering infrastructure under in-service and overload (or limit) conditions.

We aim to be the nexus of the various scientific disciplines in the broad fields of engineering infrastructure; its design, evaluation, performance and retrofit.

Our Origin

CIES was established as a University of New South Wales research centre in January 2007 to facilitate advanced research in all aspects of civil engineering infrastructure, embodying building structures, bridges, tunnels, roads, railways, pavements and the like.

The core activities of the Infrastructure Centre are underpinned by a significant number of eminent academic staff of international renown in their respective fields, particularly in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, advanced materials engineering, pavement engineering, engineering mechanics, computational mechanics and in laboratory testing.

We conduct pure and applied research with funding won from National Competitive Granting Schemes (particularly through the Australian Research Council’s Discovery and Linkage Project Schemes) as well as other contestable funding programs, and with direct support from industry. We also undertake commercial activity in collaboration with industry that is challenging and strategic in its nature. These research and commercial activities are conducted with essential physical resources, such as those of the Heavy Structures Research Laboratory, Advanced Materials Research Laboratory, Geotechnical Laboratory and our Advanced Computational Analysis Laboratory (ACAL).

The composite of structural, geotechnical and materials academics and researchers in the Infrastructure Centre is the leading group in Australia and in the region, containing four full professors in its cohort with a demonstrated capability for delivery of research outcomes.