Rumman Waqas

Rumman Waqas

PhD Candidate
Structural Engineering

From the time I was a child, I was curious about the world and everything in it – especially man-made structures. Now, I have become a mum and I still haven’t lost that childlike curiosity. I still love learning, and the challenge of exploring and designing new structures.

I started studying Engineering because I had a natural thirst for learning new things. I liked how engineering allowed me to explore my creativity and improve my abilities to solve problems. I also loved the integrated research projects. Civil Engineering was the obvious choice for me because of my interest in structures. Moreover, Civil Engineering is one of the most diverse engineering disciplines and the demand for Civil Engineers is rising tremendously along with the continuing advancements in technology and materials. 

After my undergraduate degree I decided to do further study – in the form of research. Mainly because it fed my desire for knowledge but also because studying increases my confidence and interacting with other students and teachers helps me be a better communicator. One day I dream of becoming a full time and dedicated teacher so I can continue to learn and transfer my knowledge and passion for engineering to others.

I used to imagine what it would be like to get a scholarship to do a PhD – and what extraordinary skills would be required. I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to get one – so when I did, I was overwhelmed. I never thought that someday I would make my family so proud.

Studying under the guidance and supervision of the highly qualified and skilled mentors at UNSW Engineering is an amazing experience. They not only display a positive role model for students but they also take personal interest in helping us to develop our strengths, beliefs and personal attributes. I am doing my PhD under the supervision of Professor Brian Uy, who was instrumental in giving me this wonderful opportunity to flourish in the subject of my interest. He gave me the confidence to believe in my abilities and skills and helped me to realise that “I could do it”.

UNSW is a great place to study. Everyone is respectful and values your skills no matter from which background you come.