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CIES researchers are known for their brilliant yet practical approach to research. They are called upon regularly to provide vital information to governments and industry – challenging the norm and heavily influencing the development of industry standards.

Here are more insight information about some of our researchers.

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Researcher profiles

Albert Saputra
My research supervisors are always helpful and encouraging, providing me with regular constructive feedback to ensure my study and research progress smoothly. .. View full profile
Mark Bradford
Mark's current research focus is on ustainability in construction, in particular deconstruction of building framed structures that utilise materials which miminise their carbon content... View full profile
Rumman Waqas
Rumman started studying Engineering because she had a natural thirst for learning new things. She liked how engineering allowed her to explore her creativity and improve her ability to solve problems. She also loved the integrated research projects. Civil Engineering was the obvious choice for her because of her interest in structures. .. View full profile
David Green
David's work in geotechnical engineering involves the use of probabilistic methods for design. Existing methods have shortcomings which can prove frustrating for many reasons. Because of this, he decided to enter the field of research so he could work at improving engineering practice... View full profile
Ehab Hamed
Dr Ehab Hamed was drawn to the field of structural engineering, and saw an immense opportunity to find ways to enhance the safety of civil engineering infrastructure in a world that is changing constantly. He saw the opportunity to contribute to the industry by providing structural solutions that are more economic, durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable... View full profile
Associate Professor Arnaud Castel
Associate Professor Castel investigates steel corrosion in concrete, the resistance of concrete to chemical attacks such as aggressive soils or in sewage systems and time dependent effects such as creep and restrained shrinkage induced cracking... View full profile
Associate Professor Linlin Ge
Associate Professor Ge won the NSW Scientist of the Year Award in 2009 in the Physics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Astronomy Category for the successful near real-time mapping of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake and 2009 Victorian Bushfire. His ultimate goal is to make remote sensing more timely, accurate, affordable and widely applicable... View full profile