CIES Research Funding Success

Home to one of the world’s few Physical Blast Simulation facilities

CIES & UNSW – Home to one of the world’s few Physical Blast Simulation facilities.

Led by CIES Director Professor Brian Uy, representatives from 7 Australian Universities (incl UNSW) and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (part of Australia’s Department of Defence - as the Collaborating Organisation), were successful in a bid for funding under the ARC’s LIEF scheme which provides funding for research infrastructure, equipment and facilities.

The project is titled: “National Facility for Physical Blast Simulation (NFPBS)”.

Recent terrorist attacks employing large quantities of high explosives have prompted the international demand for experimental investigation of civil infrastructure response to shock wave loadings.

The National Facility for Physical Blast Simulation (NFPBS) will be one of only a few in the world that will be suitable for conducting experimental research via a physically generated blast approach.

CIES Receives Funding to Develop Blast Mitigation Technologies

CIES has received ARC Linkage Project funding to develop innovative Blast Mitigation Technologies.

CIES Director Professor Brian Uy along with colleagues from UWS and Qingdao Technological University in China were successful with the Shandong Zhihua Construction Group Company in receiving close to $270,000 to carry out research on “Development of novel viscoelastic sprayed material for the effective blast resistance of critical and resource infrastructure” .

The project will also utilise the National Facility for Physical Blast Simulation at UNSW.


CIES Researchers Prof Nasser Khalili, Dr Arman Khoshghalb and Mr John A Rubsov - Engineering Services Manager, Roads & Maritime Services have been successful in securing an ARC Linkage for the period 2014-2017.

The project titled " Experimental investigation and constitutive modelling of weak rocks subject to mechanical and moisture degradation" aims to advance the experimental, theoretical and computational bases for the mechanics of weak rocks, and will provide scientists and engineers with much-needed predictive tools for the quantitative evaluation and assessment of their behaviour in geological settings.

Best of the best – School and CIES - one of the highest UNSW achievers in ARC research grants

The School and CIES remained at the top of the research game having won ARC grants in the latest round (with funding to commence in 2015). With 4 new Discovery grants and 1 new LIEF grant, CIES won more than half the School’s total and more than any other research centre in its discipline nationwide. These wonderful results consolidate CIES’ position as the leading infrastructure centre in Australia.

Discovery Project Grants:

Professor Mark Bradford - DP 150100446 - To investigate the capacity of high-strength steel (HSS) flexural members by undertaking physical tests and numerical simulations, and proposes to craft innovative overarching design guidance for them within a paradigm of Design by Advanced Analysis.

Professor Stephen Foster & Dr Hamid Valipour - DP 150104107 - TO investigate the moment-rotation performance of steel fibre reinforced concrete ( SFRC) beam-column connections containing economical fibre dosages.

Associate Professor Adrian Russell, Prof David Muir Wood – DP 150104123 - To make discoveries for modelling initiation, rate of progression and consequences of seepage induced internal erosion through soils which make up critical water retaining infrastructure like dams

Professor Chongmin Song, Emeritus Professor Francis Tin-Loi, Dr Sawekchai Tangaramvong - DP 150103747 - To develop, directly from computer-aided design models or digital images, an automatic numerical simulation approach for the safety assessment of engineering structures in three dimensions.

LIEF – Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

Russell, A/Prof Adrian R; Khalili, Prof Nasser; Zhao, Dr GaoFeng; Khoshghalb, Dr Arman; Sloan, Prof Scott W; Kouretzis, Dr Georgios; Indraratna, Prof Buddhima N; Rujikiatkamjorn, A/Prof Cholachat; Cassidy, Prof Mark J; Gaudin, Prof Christophe; Williams, Prof David J; Scheuermann, Dr Alexander LE 150100130 - To develop Australia's most advanced earthquake shaking table to investigate soil-structure interactions.

Dr Gaofeng Zhao and Professor Khalili were also involved in a successful LIEF grant (LE150100058) administered by Monash University.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Les Field welcomed the result.

“This impressive result in ARC grants recognises the calibre of research underway at UNSW. Our position as number one in the country this year is a testament to the importance and impact of the work we are doing,” he said.