CIES Prominence

PlenaryPlenary Meeting ISO TC 71 Concrete, Reinforced Concrete and Pre-Stressed Concrete Technical Committee

CIES & The Faculty of Engineering were major sponsors of the Plenary Meeting of ISO TC71 held in Sydney January 2014.

As part of activities, CIES also hosted a workshop on: “Robustness of Concrete Structures”

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards and in Australia, is represented by Standards Australia - recognised by the Commonwealth Government as the nation's peak Standards body.

ASCE Governors' Visit to CIES

In February 2014, CIES hosted a visit by the Governors of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

The visit included an inspection of the Heavy Structures Research Laboratory at Randwick, where it provided an excellent opportunity for our PhD students and staff to showcase CIES’s structures activities to the top executive group of ASCE. Some PhD students had the good fortune to explain their work to the ASCE leaders.

CIES Research Director Professor Mark Bradford - one of ASCE's only two Australian Distinguished Members and also President-Elect of the ASCE Australia Section, was involved in this group’s Australian visit. The ASCE delegation included its President and its Chief Executive and expressed positive feedback on the facilities at Randwick Heavy Structures Laboratory as well as the high calibre and groundbreaking research activity being carried out there.


The best and brightest geotechnical engineering scholars and engineers visited Sydney during July 2014 to take part in the Sixth International Conference on Unsaturated Soils. The event was chaired and organised by CIES academics Professor Nasser Khalili, Dr Arman Khoshghalb and Associate Professor Adrian Russell.

The conference was a great success, showcasing the latest research on unsaturated soils from around the world on topics including unsaturated soil behaviour, experimentation, modelling, case histories, multidisciplinary problems and emerging research areas.

Impact and innovation – peers recognise geotechnical engineering research at UNSW

The research of CIES geotechnical engineering academics Professor Nasser Khalili and Associate Professor Adrian Russell has been awarded for its impact and innovation.

Professor Khalili received the Outstanding Paper Award for his constitutive modelling work presented in the paper “A fully coupled flow deformation model for cyclic analysis of unsaturated soils including hydraulic and mechanical hysteresis”. The paper, published in Computers and Geotechnics in 2008, was judged to have made a highly significant impact to geotechnical engineering, based on citations over a five year period and the opinion of the journal’s Editors.

A/Professor Adrian Russell received the International Innovation Award for his physical modelling research in the field of unsaturated soil mechanics. At UNSW A/Professor Russell developed with colleagues a calibration chamber, lateral earth pressure rig and shallow foundation rig to conduct full scale cone penetration tests, retaining wall tests and shallow foundation tests to study the influence of soil suction.

Scholarly Work

Emeritus Professor Ian Gilbert, Deputy Director of CIES, published his latest text book (CRC Press – USA).

The book titled “Structural Analysis – Principles, Methods and Modelling” is co-authored with A/Professor Gianluca Ranzi of the University of Sydney. It is intended as a text for undergraduate students of Civil or Structural Engineering about to embark on the adventure of learning how to analyse engineering structures. It provides a unique and in-depth treatment of structural analysis where fundamental aspects and derivations of the analytical and numerical formulations are outlined and illustrated by numerous worked examples.

CIES 2014 Symposium - “NATIONAL ROAD AND RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE - Structural Engineering Perspectives for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure”

The November symposium brought together an array of local, national and international leaders working in the area of road and rail infrastructure to try and bring a focus to this issue and the potential remedies to this situation.

The speakers discussed the current state of road and rail infrastructure systems, the areas of primary need and future areas of research and potential government investment. Inherent in much of this future investment is that structures must be both sustainable and resilient.

The list of speakers included:

  • Ian Pedersen - Managing Director, Pedersen Engineers.
  • Professor Mark A Bradford CIES A/Prof Alex Remennikov - UoW
  • Professor Stephen Foster - CIES Professor Hong Hao - Curtin University Adj.
  • Professor Wije Ariyaratne - RTA/RMS Dr Stephen Hicks – HERA NZ
  • Professor Tommy Chan - QUT Professor Mark Stewart - The University of Newcastle
  • Mr Richard Hitch - Transport, NSW’s Asset Standards Authority
  • Mr Peter Runcie - NICTA (National ICT Australia Ltd).