CIES Member Expertise

Prof Ian Gilbert

Cracks and Crack Control in Concrete Structures - Emeritus Professor Ian Gilbert

Every year the CIA (Concrete Institute of Australia) conducts educational programs which aim to increase knowledge through the dissemination of fundamental and applied information for the benefit of the concrete and construction industry in general.

The programs aid in the facilitation of communications, sharing of knowledge and experience and provide an opportunity for peers within the concrete industry to interact and network.

CIES’s Deputy Director and Emeritus Professor Ian Gilbert was invited to present the CIA series of workshops on “Cracks and Crack Control in Concrete Structures” across all 6 capital cities during October 2015.

With his concrete expertise with respect to cracking, crack control requirements, and the practical implications of these, Ian provided his extensive research and knowledge in these areas to provide delegates with specific information that can be applied to create better concrete outcomes for designers, suppliers, placers, contractors, project managers, and asset owners.

Professor Gilbert has been an active member of Standards Australia’s Committee BD-002 for over 30 years, responsible for the on-going development of the Australian Standard for Concrete Structures AS3600. Ian is also an active member on the Australian Standards committee BD-090 for Concrete Bridges AS 5100.5. He is the author of five text books on the analysis and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete and over 350 technical publications. As the Chairman of Durability Task Group 6, Ian has led the development of Z7-06 – Cracks and Crack Control.

CIES Director appointed to Australian Research Council (ARC), College of Experts for 2016-2018

CIES Director Professor Brian Uy has been appointed to the ARC College of Experts from 2016-2018 and will serve on the Engineering, Information and Computing Sciences (EIC) Panel.

Members of the ARC College of Experts assess and rank ARC grant applications submitted under the National Competitive Grants Programme, make funding recommendations to the ARC and provide strategic advice to the ARC on emerging disciplines and cross-disciplinary developments.

This is Brian’s fourth major appointment to ARC research assessment panels spanning a ten year period. He was previously a member of the ARC College of Experts for Engineering and Environmental Sciences from 2007- 2009 and served as the Deputy Chair in 2009. He then followed this with a three year term on the Selection Advisory Committee for the Australian Laureate Fellowships program from 2011-2013. Most recently he was a member of the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) Research Evaluation Committee on Engineering and Environmental Sciences.