Centre Activity Highlights 2015

CIES – As Australia’s premier high level research group in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, engineering materials and computational mechanics, our success is not only measured by the excellent track record in attaining competitive research grant funding but also in the assessment of our activities on the key dimensions of Research Relevance and Impact.

In 2015, CIES continued to engage with and to promote the application of research outcomes and deliverables to industry and to provide an outstanding research and learning environment.

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Centre Activity Highlights 2015

Founding CIES Director Scientia Professor Mark Bradford was awarded the Excellence in Engineering & Information & Communications Technology.. Read more
Best of the best – School and CIES - one of the highest UNSW achievers in ARC research grants awarded for 2015.. Read more
CIES continues to promote a sustainable concrete technology within the CRC for Low Carbon Living.. Read more
An opportunity for CIES to engage with the precast industry and to contribute to the industry by providing structural solutions that are more economic, durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable.. Read more
New reference text provides aunique focus on the treatment of serviceability aspects of design.. Read more
The CIES Industry Advisory Committee is comprised of the CIES Directors and representatives from the leading companies to provides Industry's view on our research direction.. Read more
Throughout 2015, CIES continued to attract senior academic visitors on collaborative visits and also a program of delivering seminars which draw on international excellence and expertise.. Read here
Our staff members have been appointed to International Panels and contributed to many workshops, here are some examples.. Read here