About us

The Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety - About us

Multi-disciplinary collaboration for the best results

At CIES, we apply our skills to engineering and safety assessments of infrastructure. In particular we look at the risk management of buildings, bridges, dams, roads and other infrastructure when subjected to both in-service conditions and overload (or limit) conditions, such as in fire, earthquake, cyclone or blast situations, or when structures are exposed to hostile environments.

The centre aims to promote multi-disciplinary collaboration across the Faculties of Engineering, Science and the Built Environment at UNSW and to foster international and interdisciplinary research collaborations and partnerships with industry.

In short, CIES offers:

  • World-class interdisciplinary research by a team made up of structural and geotechnical engineers and scientists.
  • Access to advanced analytical, computational and experimental techniques and facilities.
  • A forum for idea exchange and research collaboration between engineers and scientists.
  • The ideal base from which to develop industry proposals and grant funding applications.
  • Industry partnerships to secure the practical application of research outcomes.
  • Opportunities for postgraduate students in a wide range of relevant disciplines.