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CIES July 2019 hosted the visit of 15 undergraduate students from China
CIES academic Professor David Carmichael’s latest book on Future -proofing and flexibility shows the way.
Professor David Carmichael is a leading engineering management expert, who has written and edited twenty-three books and over two hundred papers in structural and construction engineering and construction and project...
CIES lecturer and researcher, and Churchill Fellow Dr Ali Kashani, an expert in sustainable construction design and materials, has returned from his research travels. Dr Kashani was awarded the AV...
CIES Director Professor Chongming Song shares his vision of virtual engineering
CIES legend, Ian Gilbert received the inaugural UNSW Emeritus Award 2019 in October, as UNSW acknowledged his significant contributions to the university as an Emeritus Professor
Dr Asal Bidarmaghz
CIES's lecturer - Dr Asal Bidarmaghz brings to us her extensive knowledge and experience in the nascent field of subterranean geo-energy systems

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