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Professor Stephen Foster recognised for global contribution
29 October 2018

Congratulations to Professor Stephen Foster for his award from the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib)

24 October 2018

Congratulations to CIES PhD student Hugh Miller for his well-deserved Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) award.

image 1 - cover - prestressed book to AS3600-2009 (2)
9 October 2017


Excellence Award 2017 – Concrete Institute of Australia:

James and Ali
25 July 2017

The Concrete Institute of Australia National Engineering Bursaries are biennial awards made to post graduate students studying engineering, chemistry, materials science, building science and other relevant subjects which contribute to the... read more

21 July 2017

CIES researcher - Dr Johnson Xuesong Shen has helped develop an autonomous 3D mapping drone that slashes surveying times and has the potential to save lives, cut costs and even assist in disaster recovery.

Researcher Profiles

Profile - Dr Ehab Hamed


Dr Ehab Hamed
Ehab is an expert in concrete, masonry and steel structures with composite materials.

Profile - Scientia Professor Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford

Scientia Professor Mark Bradford
Professor Mark Bradford is a highly is a previous ARC Federation Fellow. His research interests in civil engineering include structures subjected to extreme actions; numerical methods; structural retrofit; design codes and dynamics and elasto-dynamic buckling. 

Profile - Associate Professor Arnaud Castel

Associate Professor Arnaud Castel

Associate Professor Arnaud Castel
A/Prof Castel investigates steel corrosion in concrete, the resistance of concrete to chemical attacks such as aggressive soils or in sewage systems and time dependent effects such as creep and restrained shrinkage induced cracking.

Profile - Associate Professor Linlin Ge

Associate Professor Linlin Ge

Associate Professor Linlin Ge
Associate Professor Ge won the NSW Scientist of the Year Award in 2009 in the Physics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Astronomy Category for the successful near real-time mapping of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake and 2009 Victorian Bushfire. His ultimate goal is to make remote sensing more timely, accurate, affordable and widely applicable.


NSW Premier’s Prize for Science & Engineering


Founding CIES Director Scientia Professor Mark Bradford (pictured above with NSW Premier Mike Baird) was awarded the Excellence in Engineering & Information & Communications Technology category prize in the 2015 NSW Premier’s Prizes for Science & Engineering.

CIES Research Funding Success

CIES Research Funding Success

Best of the best – School and CIES - one of the highest UNSW achievers in ARC research grants awarded for 2015

CIES – Promoting Sustainable Concrete Technology

CIES – Promoting Sustainable Concrete Technology

CIES continues to promote a sustainable concrete technology within the CRC for Low Carbon Living under the leadership of A/Professor Arnaud Castel and Professor Steve Foster.

CIES Research Leadership

CIES Research Leadership

New reference text provides a unique focus on the treatment of serviceability aspects of design

CIES Research Impact


Dr Ehab Hamed was prompted to contact the NPCAA after seeing a news story on the new Sandwich Panel Recommended Practice in the CIA (Concrete in Australia) magazine

PhD Profiles

Profile - David Green

David Green

David Green
PhD Candidate

David's work in geotechnical engineering involves the use of probabilistic methods for design. Existing methods have shortcomings which can prove frustrating for many reasons. Because of this, he decided to enter the field of research so he could work at improving engineering practice.

Profile - Rumman Waqas

Rumman Waqas

Rumman Waqas
PhD Candidate

Rumman started studying Engineering because she had a natural thirst for learning new things. She liked how engineering allowed her to explore my creativity and improve her abilities to solve problems. She also loved the integrated research projects. Civil Engineering was the obvious choice for her because of her interest in structures

Profile - Albert Saputra

Albert Saputra

Albert Saputra
PhD Candidate

I hope my research will deliver some real cost-saving benefits for the construction industry in the future, and help engineers to identify and remedy structural problems sooner, or predict and avoid them altogether.